Interested in joining the Stockwell Laboratory?

Undergraduate Students

Every year we have undergraduate students at all stages of their career work in our laboratory. Students may assist with animal husbandry, serve as technicians on research projects, conduct independent research, or participate in a number of other ways. The best way to start a conversation about joining our lab is to familiarize yourself with our work through this website, looking at our recent posters, and reading our research publications. Think about how your interests fits into or can expand on what we do, and how these might fit your current career goals. A short email to Dr. Stockwell describing these connections is a conversation starter.  Inquiries along the lines of "I want experience, what do you have" or "I love to fish" tend to end conversations before they begin.    

Graduate Students

We are always interested in hearing from prospective graduate students. Students in our lab are funded through a variety of sources including external grants, graduate research assistantships, and teaching assistantships. Funding opportunities can sometime present themselves quickly, and when they do, we often look at prospective students who have recently contacted us. If you are interested in exploring opportunities for graduate research, please send a short letter to Dr. Stockwell outlining your background, your research interests and how they fit into or expand our current research, and a CV. For more in-depth advice on graduate school, please see the discussion at the Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory site.